Farm Direct

No stopping, repacking or sitting in a cooler for days. Your flowers are cut to order, packed, shipped and delivered directly to your door-step via a perishable shipping carrier.

Year-Round Availability

No need to disappoint your clients who need those hard-to-find flowers. With a global network of farms at your disposal you can even get even peonies nearly year-round.

Specialty Items

You will love our selection of unique items such as garden roses, tinted product and much more. And the best part...most of them are available in small or large boxes.

One-Stop Shopping

2000+ varieties are available to you with one phone call or email to Farm Exports. We currently ship just about everything and have multiple farms for each product.

Time Savers

Your clients will love “short-cut” products that minimize labor costs and maximize profit. Pre-made centerpieces rose petals, loose blooms, wreaths, leis and much more.


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